Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pony Express District
2010 Adult Awards Banquet

District Adult Recognition Dinner, March 18, 6:30 – 8pm
District Roundtables (all) 8:15 – 9pm

To be held at 8272 North Simpson Springs Road in Eagle Mountain.
Located at the intersection of Simpson Springs and Half Mile Road here in the Ranches. It's real easy to find:
  • If you are driving West on SR 73, you turn South on Ranches Parkway (at the stop light where Maverick is located) and drive about 1/2 of a mile until you come to Half Mile Road (this road is on the North side of the Willow Springs Condo's) and turn right (West), drive two blocks and the building is on the south side of the intersection. You can't miss it!

  • If you are getting there from our usual Cub Roundtable location... Head west on Pony Express Pkwy (7200 North) toward Chevron. At the intersection (where Chevron is), turn right (north). Go to Half Mile Road (the second left) and turn left (west). Go two blocks and the building is on the left.

It is time to nominate outstanding Scouters in the Pony Express
District for Second Miler or District Award of Merit. Nominations
must be in by or before March 4; emailed or given to Judi Hansen. Applications available via email to or on the District website. Those selected will be recognized at the District Recognition night in March. Please consider Scouters you know and nominate them for the following:

SECOND MILER: Extraordinary volunteer service for 2-5 years in a unit or district position. Submit form to the advancement committee. Recognition given at district awards ceremony.

DISTRICT AWARD of MERIT: 5-10 years of extraordinary volunteer service at unit or district level and previously received second miler. Submit form to the advancement committee. Recognition given at district awards ceremony.

SPOUSE RECOGNITION: We will give spouse certificates to honor outstanding support of spouses - no form - send name of person to be recognized and name of the Scouter spouse.

For all nominations:, please include the contact information of the nominator, in case more information is needed.

Self nominations are not acceptable for Second Miler or Award of Merit. Someone else must take the initiative to nominate Scouters for these awards, and nominations should be kept confidential. Chartered Organization Representatives know their people best and should take the lead in submitting nominations to the advancement committee.

You may request nomination forms by email to Judi Hansen at jwhsearch(at)aol(dot)com, and you may return the completed form and information in the same manner. The forms are also found at

-- Judi Hansen, District Adult Recognition Committee

Pony Express District Roundtable
18 February 2010
March Theme: Take Flight!

We hope you enjoyed your flight on Pony Express Airlines. Below, please find details on the information that we shared during the evening.

The blue paper for the airplane windows was from Partyland in Lehi
(between Big-O and Wingers). Angela used a full 4 foot x 25 foot roll of blue butcher paper, which costs $6.79, plus tax.

Charlotte Larson also shared with us that you can get reams of paper at Arco Distributing.
30 weight, 1675 feet by 30 inches: $28 plus tax.
40 weight, 1200 feet by 36 inches: $29 plus tax.


March Roundtable
Roundtable on March 18th will NOT be held at our usual location; instead, we will be at the 'new' Stake Center on Half Mile Road in The Ranches. This is because Roundtable will immediately follow the District Awards Banquet. The evening is planned, as follows:
6:30 - Dinner
7:00 - District Awards Ceremony
8:00 - Roundtable
8:45 - Roundtable ends

Someone had asked... and there is no charge for the evening.

For more details on the evening and to nominate someone for an award, see my other post on this blog.

April Roundtable
We will be back at our usual location in April as we go In The Spotlight... And we would like your own Pack or Den to be in the spotlight. If you have someone with a talent to share, please let us know. We want to have a mini Talent Show to illustrate how the Pack Meeting could be done. Please contact the Cub Roundtable Commissioner, Paul, at cubmaster(at)pack1144(dot)org. Thank you!

Hope of America
We had mentioned how America's Freedom Festival at Provo will be celebrating 100 Years of Scouting in America. They have a LOT of festivities planned. One of those is the Hope of America Student Showcase.
Participate in the Hope of America Program - May 4-5, 2010
We need 2,000 elementary age Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. These youth will be participating and singing in the Hope of America program on both nights, May 4 and 5. This program is part of America's Freedom Festival at Provo. They will need to purchase a $2.50 CD and practice at home. You will pay for the CD when they are distributed. At the event, UNIFORM SHIRTS ARE REQUIRED!

The details on this event are found on the Council website, where you will also find other events that your Den or Pack can be involved with.

Other Items

The February edition of the Pony Express District Newsletter
The handout from Luz explaining the Kite Derby
The handout from Andy explaining the Paper Plane Derby
Angela's handout from the Cubmaster break-out session on Pack Pizzazz
The Closing Ceremony from Heather