Friday, November 20, 2009

Pony Express District Roundtable
19 November 2009
Additional Items

Okay, this should be the final follow-up post for this Roundtable session.

Roundtable Newsletters
Below are links to the PDF versions of the last several editions of the "Pony Express District Scouter" Newsletter.

July 2009
August 2009
September 2009
October 2009
November 2009

Leader Awards
We awarded a Name Badge at Roundtable last night. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more awards that can be earned as Cub Scout Leaders. Below, you will find information on some of the different awards, and then there is a link to a PDF of the award nomination form. The form can be submitted by e-mail to Judi Hansen at jwhsearch(at)aol(dot)com.


Do an extra good job in any scouting position or successfully carry out an extra project. This award is limited to 2 or 3 per month, recognition normally given at Roundtable. Send nominations to the advancement committee.

Extraordinary volunteer service for 2-5 years in a unit or district position. Submit form to the advancement committee. Recognition given at district awards ceremony.

5-10 years of extraordinary volunteer service at unit or district level and previously received second miler. Submit form to the advancement committee. Recognition given at district awards ceremony.

10-15 or more years of volunteer service including some service at district or council level and previously received second miler and district award of merit. Submit form to the advancement committee. Recognition given by the council at annual Silver Beaver ceremony.

Awarded for completing position specific training and tenure awards. Give completed requirement sheet to district advancement committee. Presented at Roundtable.

For 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years of service. Submit application form to advancement committee.

# # #

Self nominations are not acceptable for Name Tags, Second Miler, Award of Merit, and Silver Beaver. Someone else must take the initiative to nominate Scouters for these awards, and nominations should be kept confidential. Chartered Organization Representatives know their people best and should take the lead in submitting nominations to the advancement committee. Nomination forms are available at Roundtable and on the council website, or email Judi Hansen jwhsearch(at)aol(dot)com to receive as email attachment.

# # #

Here is the Award Nomination form.

Pony Express District Roundtable
19 November 2009
Online Resources

During Roundtable, I mentioned that I would put links to some handy online resources here on my blog. Well, here they are...

"Cub Scout Program Helps" is the publication that is like a 'lesson plan' for the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Den Leaders, as well as the Cubmaster for Pack Meeting. The official national Scouting website is posting Program Helps one month at a time on a page of the website. The page states "or the entire year's program helps may also be downloaded" and yet both the link to and that full download have been removed from the page for some mysterious reason. I had gotten it while it was made available, and you can get it here.

Many of the Cub Scouting Forms are available from the BSA national site, and they even have many of the forms in Spanish. Here are a few that I will place direct links for...

The "Family Talent Survey Sheet," which, I believe, was discussed in both the Pack Leaders and Webelos Leaders classes.

The "Pack Meeting Planning Sheet" can be used to plan out your Pack Meetings.

In my 'Cub Scouting 101" breakout session, I mentioned that I would post links to some other helpful resources...

The Cub Scout Leader How-To Book (which explains the Den Doodles) is available online in PDF format.

Cub Scout Academics and Sports is the program where the Cub Scouts can earn Belt Loops and Pins. Pack 327 of Arbutus, Maryland has posted a PDF file of the complete Academics and Sports program guide.

Speaking of Academics and Sports, has created and posted Workbooks... one for each belt loop/pin that can be downloaded and used to complete the requirements for each belt loop and pin.

The site has also posted worksheets for each of the Webelos Activity Badges.

Some other items that you may be interested in...

"Guide to Safe Scouting" is available in two forms: one for online reading (smaller web page 'chapters'), and a PDF version of the printed Guide.

Pack 155 has posted the PDF of the Parent Information Guide.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pony Express District Roundtable
19 November 2009
December Theme: Works of Art

"Art Match-Up" Download
We had a fun Gathering Activity where you match up Art works with their Titles and Artists. Here is is a link to that Gathering Activity displays and handouts for your convenience, in a pdf format.

More Museum Info
Chris has provided this additional information about Museums in December:
"There are 4 museums on campus that Cub Scouts might be interested in visiting, but only one that focuses on art. For the month of December, the one to see is the Museum of Art. They currently have an exhibit that shows modern "self-portraits" - some from students as well as adults, and with a very modern approach, including technology. One can go online and pull down a zip-file of images to see some of what is exhibited. For information, go to The hours are Mon-Fri 10:00am to 6:00pm, Sat 12:00-5:00. Thursdays they stay open until 9:00pm. They offer tours - I think that would be the best option, since the displays will be more interesting to Cub Scouts if they are accompanied by someone explaining them. To schedule a tour over the phone, call (801) 422-1140. Tours must be scheduled AT LEAST A WEEK IN ADVANCE. Average tour length is between 30 and 45 minutes. For grades K-6, 1 chaperon is needed for every 6 students.

"Best part - admission is free of charge."

Plus, I have uploaded the flyer about the museums, plays and concerts that are available in the area in December. Get it here.