Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pony Express District Roundtable
17 December 2009

Hello, fellow Cub Scouters!
Here is some additional information pertaining to the January theme, Power Up!

Put the Outing into Cub Scouting
Luz Gonzalez shared some information about possible field trips for Dens and Packs. Details on those suggestions are presented, below:

Places to go and Presentations (January)

Solar Panels – Presentations
Contact name: Norman Harrison
Contact Phone: (801) 367-7282
Call to set up date and time, prefer big groups like pack meetings. They will come to your place. And it is Free.

Gardner Engineering CO
Producing power from Sun, Wind and Water.
Contact name: Ken Gardner
Contact Phone: (801) 5890447
He does tours and presentations and they are Free
Ken is a Scout leader and he will enjoy doing it.

Rocky Mountain Power
They do:
Safety Presentations
Tours (SLC)
The safety presentations take about 45 minutes, they will bring a big model to present and demonstrate how dangerous power lines are. They prefer to do Pack Meetings but they will do den meetings if you need.
Contact name: Vicky
Contact Phone: 1-800-375-7085 leave a message.

Wasatch Wind
Great tours.
Main Line: (435) 657-2550
Fax: (435) 647-5889

Contact Name: Michelle Stevens
Direct: (435) 503-8831
Mobile: (435) 503-1278

Pony Express District Newsletter
Here is the link to the December Newsletter

Official Links
Pony Express District is kind of in a state of 'limbo,' right now. There are actually two sites.. the old site, (which hasn't been updated in a while), and the new site, (which is not yet finished)... which is why I have been using my blog, lately, to share info.

Here are links to the other official Cub Scout websites...
Utah National Parks Council
National Cub Scouts "ScoutSource" home page
Scout Shop online

Pinewood Derby
Here are links to other websites that have ideas and helps for running your Pinewood Derby.

Here are some ideas for stands that can be given out as trophy bases for the Pinewood Derby cars from scoutingthenet, and instructables, and Pack 479. Here is a pre-built one from Hobbylinc (even if you don't want to buy it, it may give you an idea for building another kind of stand).

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julaw said...

Hi Paul,

Do you still need people to sign up for food for roundtable this month (Jan)? I forgot to sign up and there are a few other people from my pack that want to come. What kind of food did you have sign-ups for? Let me know. Thanks!!

Julie Warburton Pack 1016